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Web Accessibility

The Connecticut State Independent Living Council website was built with accessibility as its top priority. Great efforts were taken to design a site that is accessible to everyone, regardless of ability or disability, easy to use, fun, and informative. Just a few of the steps we have taken to make this site accessible are:

Keyboard Access

Not everyone uses a mouse. Most blind people and many vision or mobility impaired computer users use their keyboards or alternative input devices to interact with their computer. Everything on this website is accessible via the keyboard.

Semantic Markup

This site uses 100% valid XHTML and semantic markup. Most access software such as screen readers and magnification software utilize semantic markup to make it easier to move around the contents of a page. This site uses headers to mark important sections of text or function, lists where list items are used and many other standard practices. You can verify this site’s valid XHTML online .

Alternative Views/Themes/Styles

Many sites do not provide enough contrast or a large enough font size for low-vision users.

Navigation Aids and Accesskeys

Keyboard users will find that the first two links on the page offer speedy access to the main content on the page or the main navigation section. This saves the user from having to tab multiple times to reach these sections of the page. Additionally, accesskeys 0 and 1 have been assigned to these links respectively. This means a keyboard user can jump to the main content or the navigation at at time by using their accesskeys.

Logical Reading Order

An effort was made to present content in a logical and consistent manner throughout the site. Many blind users do not have the good fortune of being able to scan a page’s content, rather they must move through the document in a linear fashion. Presenting the content in a logical reading order makes it much easier to understand.

This sites compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and the W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiatives can be automatically evaluated by visiting the following links:

  • Verify this site’s compliance with Section 508
  • Verify this site’s compliance with the Web Accessibility Initiative

    If you find that this site’s accessibility can be improved. Please send and email to our webmaster at ctsilc dot org.