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In accordance with Federal Statute the Governor of Connecticut appoints each member of our twenty-three member statewide council. The Council is charged by the United States Congress to advance the principles and philosophy of Independent Living for all citizens with disabilities. Federal Statute requires that at least fifty-one percent of the Council’s membership be comprised of persons with a disability. The Council, which is funded by both state and federal resources, collaborates with five Centers for Independent Living, located in the communities of Hartford, Norwich, Stratford, and Naugatuck, West Haven.

Thank you advocates! Strong Turnout at Department of Transportation on March 31st! Thank you for your support! 

Customized Wheelchair Regs Comments Bullet points Final 3 13 14 (2)

13-01 NOI – Customized Wheelchairs – Updated Feb 25 2014 (consolidated version)

Bremby Ltr re DSS Customized Wheelchair Regulations – Feb 24 2014

13-01 Operational Policy – Requirements for Payment for Customized Wheelchairs – Updated Feb 25 2014

The Next SILC Meeting will be held at New Park Office and Conference Center, 151 New Park Avenue, Hartford, CT on Wednesday, March 26, 2014 from 1:00 – 3:00. Johnathan Slifka, State Disability Advocate will be our guest speaker. Special accommodations must be requested by March 10th. Members of tohe public are welcome, please let the SILC office know if you will attend! Thank you!


The CT Cross Disability Lifespan Alliance is proud to share the following information regarding the newly released CT Disability Calendar.
Calendar Links:

• Link #1: Follow this link to open an interactive calendar. Please save the link to your favorites.

• Link #2: If you are using special equipment to access the calendar, you may wish to us link #2. This link contains the same information but is in a list format that may be easier to use. This is the link for special equipment .

Calendar Directions:
In order to enlarge or minimize the font size, please do the following: Use Shift Plus (+) to enlarge the size and use Shift Minus (-) to reduce the size. Click on the event to open window that will reveal the full details of the event.

Calendar Submissions:
Please use Link #1 to submit your organization’s calendar information no later than the 20th of each month for the upcoming month. If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Debbie Melaragno at CT State Independent Living Council via email at or phone at 860-523-0126.

Calendar Feedback:
The CT Disability Calendar is a pilot project. Your feedback, questions and suggestions are critically important to the success. Please submit your feedback via email to

Calendar Disclaimer: The CT Disability Calendar is updated to the best of our ability. While it is our hope that the CT Disability Calendar will be useful, comprehensive and accurate, we do not accept any responsibility for errors, omissions or inclusions that may occur in postings. The CT Disability Calendar event times and dates are subject to change, so it is advised that individuals also directly contact the contributing organization to confirm information.

Thank you for visiting and for your interest in the CT-SILC.