Candidates Forum

The SILC, in collaboration with other disability organizations, holds a non-partisan Candidates Forum on Disability Issues (Forum) for the candidates running for federal office in Connecticut. The Forum is held every two years to coincide with the federal election schedule. Most forums have been in person with the exception of the 2020 Forum which was virtual.

Candidates are given a few minutes to share their views on disability issues. They also answer questions from a moderator on current disability topics such as housing, employment opportunities, Medicaid, Social Security, and transportation. Diane Smith has been the moderator at the past few Forums. The questions posed to the candidates are suggested by members of the Connecticut Cross Disability Lifespan Alliance.

Look for the 2022 Candidates Forum on Disability Issues. If you want to receive notifications about the 2022 Forum, click here.

  • Diane Smith & Congressman Larson
  • Gov. Lamont & Diane Smith
  • Gov. Lamont & Jennifer Jenkins
  • Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro